IDEF3 Method

IDEF3 MethodIDEF3 (Integrated Definition Methodology) is a description-method of process, where in this method provided a structured method that can be used by the domain expert to explain a system or situation as a sequence of activities. This method can also be used to describe the objects that participate in the system or process.

IDEF3 Process Description was developed using two strategies, process-centered and object-centered. Process-centered process of organizing knowledge by focusing on processes and relationships within a scenario. While the object-centered process of organizing knowledge to focus on objects and object shape changes that occur in a scenario or multiple scenarios.

Early stage in making an IDEF model of the scenario must be set first. The scenarios are the basis of the management structure of an IDEF3 models, where in the scenario contains activities or processes that are sequenced (sequential). A scenario describes the purpose and scope of a model made. The model should be made clear for what purpose the model, whereas the scope of explaining what things are involved or not involved in the model and for whom the model is created.

The Basic Elements of IDEF3 is shown in the figure below :

IDEF3 Schematic

IDEF3 Schematic

IDEF3 Schematic

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