Working Map

Working MapWorking map or process map is a communication tool that systematically and logically to analyze the work process from beginning to end stage. Through our work can be seen that the sequence of work procedures experienced by a body of work ranging from entry site activity and then describe all the steps of activity experienced in the end can be made until the improvement of working methods more efficient. Working map is a good tool to analyze a work operation that aims to ease or simplify existing work processes. There are three kinds of maps are used to analyze the work that the overall work process, namely :

1. Operation process chart (OPC).

OPC is the work maps depicting the sequence of work with a road dividing the job in detail.

2. Process flow chart.

Process flow chart is a map which describes all activities that occur in the process of execution of work.

3. Flow diagram.

An overview of the composition according to the scale of the floor or building showing the locations of all activities that occur in the process flow map.

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