Introduction to Simulation

Simulation is one method often used inlearning Operations Management. Following this, I will present an introduction of the simulation. Furthermore, several simulation methods will begin to be discussed. Simulation is a method that has long introduced. Simulation increasingly popular along with the development of the computer, which is more advanced. This is because the application of simulation as a method to find an answer to a problem, almost always accompanied by the presence of a computer that portray themselves as the main tool in simulating a problem. Unfortunately, many parties are too difficult to imagine what kind of embodiment of the simulation. This difficulty is understandable.

Due to fully understand what the actual simulation, at least have to understand very well be the three disciplines, namely :

1. Modeling System

2. Computer programming

3. statistical

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  2. Ricardo Soto October 4, 2011 at 1:49 pm #

    Dear Arif,

    Could you suggest a method for simulation Batch? manufacturing processes. I work for a Pharmaceutical Company that manufactures tablets in blisters