European Economic Crisis

Currently, several countries in Europe such as Italy and Greece were hit by the economic crisis. While the superpowers United States are also experiencing economic problems. Crisis of the global market economy is a cycle that repeated for a period of time, say the economist. Economic crisis in developed countries in Europe and America today, yet at the stage of spread or affect other economies. As the crisis that spread in 2008 in several countries. But of course there still receive the effects. For instance sentiment in the stock market. However, that does not mean other countries do not anticipate, including in Southeast Asia and Indonesia.

In addition to market sentiment from the outside, a big influence at this time for Indonesia to do with the global market is the internal condition of the nation. With regard to the political and legal issues.Still broke down. Moreover, the impact of the economic crisis? Clearly investors be thinking of investing in Europe and America. Now, developing countries kinds Brazil, India, and Indonesia is an attractive alternative. So, this is a good opportunity for developing countries provided that would fix the internal problems of other, related to the investment climate such as the ease and clarity of laws, procedures and security guarantees.

Originally Posted at ArifInfo.

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