Six Sigma

The second concept in TQM is Six Sigma. Who developed this concept? Originally developed by Motorola, Six Sigma refers to an extremely high measure of process capability. A Six Sigma capable process will return no more than 3.4 defects per million operations (DPMO). Please note that, six sigma is highly structured approach to process improvement. In the Six Sigma approach, known as the DMAIC approach. Consists of : Define critical outputs and identify gaps for improvement, Measure the work and collect process data, Analyze the data, Improve the process, and Control the new process to make sure new performance is maintained.

Six Sigma

Some of the principles of Six Sigma Implementation :

1. Emphasize DPMO as a standard metric

2. Provide extensive training

3. Focus on corporate sponsor support (Champions)

4. Create qualified process improvement experts (Black Belts, Green Belts, etc.)

5. Set stretch objectives

This cannot be accomplished without a major commitment from top level management.

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