Production System Scheme

The basic concept of the production system needs to be studied before knowing more about the manufacturing system. Manufacturing system is more extensive than the production system. With a broader perspective, the complex, holistic and involves many branches of science. So you could say that the production system is part of the manufacturing system. Production is the main function in any organization, which includes activities that are responsible for creating value-added product that is the output of any industry organization. Production and related technologies that have a reciprocal relationship. Production needs to operate with lower costs, increase quality and productivity, has led to rapid technological developments.

The process of value-added transformation of inputs into outputs in a modern production system involves structural and functional components. Structural components composed of materials (materials), machinery and equipment, labor, capital, energy, information, land, and others. While the functional component consists of supervision, planning, control, coordination and leadership. Production system scheme is shown in the picture above. The main elements in the production system is input, process and output. And the existence of a feedback mechanism to control the production system to be able to enhance continuous improvement. A process in production systems can be defined as sequential interactions of labor, material, information, working methods, and machinery or equipment, in an environment, in order to generate added value for products, to be sold at a price competitive market. The process that converts inputs into outputs measured measured through a number of sequential steps that organized.

Another definition of the process is a set of tasks that are associated through a stream of materials and information that transforms various inputs into a useful output or value added. A process has the capability or the ability to store material (which is converted into semi-finished goods) and information during the transformation take place. As an example of the process, imagine an automobile assembly plant that uses raw materials in the form of parts and components. This material together with equipment, capital, labor, energy, information, managerial, and others. Transformed into a car. This transformation is referred to as the final assembly and the output of a car. A restaurant uses inputs in the form of agricultural products that have not been processed or semiproses, energy, information, labor, cookware, managerial, and others, to further transformed into food that is ready to be served.

Some examples of production systems in service industries and manufacturing:

1. Companies that assemble laptops

Input : employees, facilities, buildings and factories, assembly equipment, materials, capital, energy, information, managerial

Output : laptop

2. Hospital

Input : doctors, nurses, employees, facilities, buildings and medical equipment, laboratories, capital, energy, information, managerial, etc.

Output : medical care for patients

3. Bank

Input : employees, building facilities and office equipment, capital, energy, information, managerial, etc.

Output : financial services to customers (deposits, loans, etc.)

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