Archive | April, 2011

Production System Scheme

The basic concept of the production system needs to be studied before knowing more about the manufacturing system. Manufacturing system is more extensive than the production system. With a broader perspective, the complex, holistic and involves many branches of science. So you could say that the production system is part of the manufacturing system. Production […]

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The 6 Things You Need to Find and Fix Problems

I was walking through a parking lot today, and for some reason, I noticed the puddles of oil in the center of every parking space. Not an uncommon occurrence, but it got me thinking about abnormal conditions. If your car was leaking oil, could you tell when you backed out of one of those spaces? […]

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PLM Reset 2011

Winter break is a time to make a traditional “lesson learned” or “next year” blog posts. I wanted to come with some thoughts about what I see happens in the industry and where the biggest shift is going to happen. The name “PLM Reset” comes to my mind as the most appropriate. For the past […]

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